What is a Citadel Malware? How Does it Get into the System?

Citadel malware or citadel Trojan malware is defined as the piece of malicious code that is written to steal personal information and financial codes. It is based on the Zeus source codes and contributes to the construction of botnet so that hush-hush information can be stolen from the entire network. It also uses the web of zombies to carry out ransomware and scareware attacks.

How does the virus work its way into the system?

It gets downloaded into the victim’s system through social engineering like social engineering and spamming or drive-by download. It then creates an army of bots to carry out bigger attacks on the entire network.

The virus is so strong that it can grab the access of the admin, block the user, and get all the passwords from a third party program. Virus scanner software developers believe that it can cease access to any anti-virus or an anti-malware website as well so that there is no path to the recovery.

How can it be prevented?

In order to prevent the pc from the Citadel attack, the cyber security team warns against browsing the malevolent or suspicious websites. Since the virus can get into the system through a browser, therefore, the team suggests installing anti-malware like Advance PC Protector that can provide internet security as well as detects vulnerabilities present in the system.

How can it be removed?

The virus can only be removed with the help of PC Security Software that can scan the system and software for flaws, detect the presence of the harmful and unusual scripts, and notify their presence with a solution to wipe them off. Like Advance PC Protector a software must also give a thorough disk check and clean it of any suspicious code while improving the performance as well as the processing speed of the system.

Stay away from malicious sites! Stay secure!

Milan Tomic

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