What are the Scariest Malware Known to the Experts?

Malware are the malicious codes that enter the system to harm it, steal the information, and bring the system to crash. However, most of these can be detected as they work on the surface of the systems. But there are scripts that reside deep in the system or in the kernel.

Therefore, the pc security experts feel the need to address such codes and aware the users about the consequences of such kinds of invasions. These malware programs are named as – Bootkit and Rootkit.

Bootkit invades the system by attacking the Master Boot Record (MVR) and gets loaded in the Windows kernel. Since, the master boot is not encrypted, therefore, it makes it easier to get into it. The MVR has a decryption software which is password protected and if hacked then the entire device can be made free of encryption codes. This threat is hard to diagnose using regular operating system detection because the components lie outside the file system.

Rootkit is set of programs that drives themselves deep into the operating system to provide access to the unauthorized user. They get the remote users to the area which are forbidden and thus, are capable of turning the system into a complete zombie.

What is the scariest part?

Since they can get deeper into the system, therefore, they cannot be detected very easily like other malicious scripts. They have the power to completely exploit the vulnerability and get hands on highly legitimate information. The computer protection software researchers explain that you cannot even remove the codes until breaking the volatile and useful information. The threat destroying the functionality of the system can also worsen the condition of the system. 

May be they cannot be removed by means of usual scanning and detection but running a system scan using the best pc protector software can make it successful to remove the defects without further jeopardizing the work flow of the system.

Stay updated! Stay safe!  

Milan Tomic

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