What are cybercrimes? How to deal with them?

Let’s first understand what Cyber Crimes are. Cybercrime is a criminal act carried out in the cyberspace in order to extort money, invade privacy, destroy systems, and get access to highly confidential information. Most of the crimes for the purpose of self but some often are carried out with the purpose of establishing a successful terrorist attack.

With the introduction of social media, the internet on mobile phones, and the feature to sync everything through all the devices has made it very easy to target the systems. Computer security software developers believe that not the only computer can be attacked with malware but also mobile phones are now prone to severe attacks that can be regenerated on systems as well.

The cybercriminals are those who have good knowledge of the technology and can precisely use the internet for atrocious purposes. These criminals have such great skillset that they can write a program with multiple targets. Effectively these programs are capable of extortion, gaining administrative control of the entire system, fetching banking details and rob the person or the entire company, and even bring down or blast the system.

What are various procedures of cybercrime?

• Good programmers can even hack the entire distributive network of the system. The attacks are popularly known as DDoS. In such a case several computers share a single network and a breach into one can reveal so much of confidential information.

• Many of the criminals are sharp from the mind and attack the system through authenticated means like emails by attaching the venomous code in the content itself. This method is called phishing and it is used to gain passwords and other important data from the systems.

• Some criminals attack the system and cease the access in order to extort money in return for the stolen information. In such cases, the act is called ransomware and the security and virus protection software can prevent them if people surf through the web cautiously.

• Cybercriminals also attempt to hijack the database of the websites by using SQL injection. In such cases, they can gain the credit card information of the user and use it for their benefits. They can also disrupt the functioning of the entire website or delete the content in order to destroy one’s business.

• There are various other attempts that a criminal makes in order to just destroy the saved data and gain entire access to the system. In many, of these cases, the criminal uses the system to perform further crimes in the names of the victim. Thus, keeping their identity and system safe.

Approach to halt these attacks:

The two important steps that cybersecurity team suggests are- be cautious of what you surf the internet and install computer protection software. Personally, you can be vigilant of the emails you receive, URLs you click, the website you visit, and the software you install. Since most of the attacks are procured through this medium then one must enable the security features and keep the system under scan to prevent the entry of malevolent codes.

The main preventive measures are,

• Do not share the password and other credentials
• Be watchful to the links shared by the unknown person
• Download software from trusted and secure links

Protection from cybercriminals is time and money consuming but it is far more important because these attacks can very destructive in nature than one can expect.

Be protected! Stay secure!

Milan Tomic

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