Guidelines to Protect Yourself from Encrypted Email Attachments

With social media and the internet, the information floats in the cyberspace and it has become very easy to get the email ids along with other social information in just a few clicks.

Lately, the hackers have found it very easier to attack the systems through emails by becoming an authenticated sender. They trick the receiver into believing that they are under certain threat and ask them to complete a series of the task in order to save their personal data. This in return, leads to downloading of a malevolent script that harms the system. 

Let’s understand how these incursions can be avoided,

Be cautious of what and where you click:-

On a serious note, never click any link on email without proper inspection. Look for the extension. For example, an image should not have a .exe extension. If it has, it is probably a harmful script of codes.

One must also check the URL structure of the link and whether it will connect you to the page as described in the email.

Always keep the software and application updated:-

It is a very old advice by computer security software developers and the main reason behind it is that the new software or update has preferably worked on eliminating the existing vulnerabilities.

Not many have noticed but the new Microsoft Office version has disabled Macros as one of the default features and opens any file in read-only mode. Thus, preventing the entry of malicious code in the system. Therefore, investing in new software reduces the risks of invasions.

Stay wary:-

One very easy and casual habit that everyone can adopt is to stay vigilant of the emails he is receiving. Always ensure the authenticity of the sender and the body of the email.

Another way is to be aware of all the social engineering techniques that aim to trick the user. This way you can easily differentiate between the genuine and the fake emails.

Use anti-malware:-

Well, there are codes that can enter your system without your consent and the only way of detection is using a pc security software that can scan and remove the harmful codes.

Stay awake! Be safe!


Milan Tomic

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