Cyberbullying- A Medium of Survey and Marketing

The bitter truth about this digital world is that bullying is often not seen as a heinous crime but it is made a part of marketing and survey. Cyberbullying is often considered as people expressing their opinions on somethings but, in reality, it is criticism involving harsh words and threats to hurt people.

Cyberbullying involves harassing people mentally by boorish comments, nasty video and image upload, and filthy website creation. The victim’s name, information, and vulnerabilities are disclosed to the world whereas the criminal hides behind the screen enjoying the advantage of the World Wide Web network. 

How does it affect and from does it come?

Bullying someone on the internet is not much different from bullying someone in person. The only difference is you cannot hurt the person physically through its torture can urge a person to do that to himself. Due to cyberbully people have often committed suicide and if not then have been traumatized with depression. The harsh reality has a research that shows people in a dark vent with lost connection to this world.

Cyberbullying comes from social media, an intrusive part of the internet. People let unrealistic videos go viral, spread Photoshop images across the timelines, and demeaning comments on the images are all categorized under this threat.

How to escape and prevent it?

Unfortunately, the world has a greater count of ill-minded people and therefore there is not much one can do in order to stop this crime. Even the comment takes a while to get deleted but not much of use as it has already made an impression on the receiver.

However, here are some suggestions that can help to avoid bullying,

  • Report any unusual comment or message
  • Block the accounts of the bullies to stop receiving their views
  • Keep your password and other private images safe

It is understandable how cyberbully can cause drastic effects on one’s mind but at the end of the day, their opinions do not matter because they are not true and they only exist to harass. 

It is better to concentrate on the good that repenting on which you have little or no control.

Milan Tomic

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  1. Different computer systems require different levels of security, as the level of privacy or protection needed is going to vary significantly.