What is a Wiper Malware?

Since the malware has emerged there have been advanced attempts by the attackers to somehow get into the system and access the information. A new malware has been discovered that not only tries to gain the access but also wipes out the entire information from the system and the network. Its sole aim is only to destroy the hard drive of the system.

Steps to avoid wiper malware:

Wiper malware can possess real threat and it has been proved in the past with Shamoon and many other attacks. Here is how we can prevent its attack-
  • Aware the users- our first priority must be educating the users of the attacks and its consequences. The researchers and companies must send emails t the customers telling them about the types of attacks, removal, and most important preventions. It is important to let the audience know about phishing and malicious websites so that can create a barrier against the attacks.
  • Backup regularly- Many of us either aren’t aware of the benefits of backup or do not feel the need but this is exactly what hackers can use to their advantage. Regular backups ensure that system and information is safe and can be restored in a situation of a crash.
  • Update pc protector software- The software must be kept up to date so that the vulnerabilities can be eliminated and modified yet stronger features can be installed to fight against the harmful codes.
  • OS and system updates- The updates of the operating system must be taken seriously because most of them are to enhance the security and widen the spectrum of secure browsing and storage. The system updates fix any of the loopholes so that no cracker can use them for their harmful purposes.
  • Monitor and observe the system- The wiper can lead to many changes in the system before the system is brought to a crash. Therefore, one must always remain alert and run a regular Computer Protection Software scan to detect and remove any suspicious activity and behavior.
It is always better to be prepared then to face the foe with no estimates of his power. If you are prepared you are secure.


Milan Tomic

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