What is the Difference Between a Malware and Spyware?

Difference Between a Malware and Spyware

Technical terms do not appear the same to a non-technical person. People are often found perplexed around the umbrella and its sub-verticals. They fail to differentiate between their requirements and end up choosing the wrong software to carry out the task for them. Similar is the case with the terms malware and spyware programs.

Malware vs Spyware:-

Malware can be used to define a harmful code of a virus, adware, spyware, etc whereas spyware is only a category of malware. Spyware is a specially written code to extract information and secret data. It runs in the background and monitors the activity of the system to seek what it has been designed for.

Malware programs can be fatal to the system or even break it down, leaving nothing but a box of hardware. However, spyware does not harm the PC even if it cannot trace the private information. But if a spyware has been a keylogger then it could be fatal as it can give away passwords leading to huge amount of data breach.

Though spyware does not harm the system in the most dangerous manner it definitely affects the processing speed of the computer as it keeps on running in the background to monitor the activity of the PC. Due to its requirement to perceive the private information, it puts a load on the internet thus, injuring the connection.

For malware as well as for spyware you may use PC protector software or an anti-malware but anti-spyware can only be useful in eliminating the background running software and not any other malware.

How to protect PC from such threats?
These can be prevented in many ways, however, one can always use the anti-spyware or anti-malware. Considering the cyber criminal activities, specialists suggest using anti-malware like Advance PC Protector to get all round protection.

Keep scanning! Be protected!


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