How Trojan differs from Rootkit?

There is no way that one can prevent the information from getting hacked if one does not take preventive measures and has computer security software guarding their personal data. Since the types of malware that can hit the systems has increased so much in the last few years that it has become very confusing for one to differentiate between them. All these are targeted with different motives depending on the cracker. However, it is of very much importance that we understand the difference between them so that we can take preventive measures.

Trojan horse vs rootkit:-
Trojan is often appealed to the customers as an authentic anti-malware that will protect their system whereas in return the software is written with hidden shoddy codes which are triggered when in a favourable condition or a defined action has taken place. The developers of PC security software have studied such programs and issued warning against such downloads.

On the other hand, Rootkit is an invective piece of code written in a way that it gives away the admin access to the attacker. The cracker of this code has a single aim to retrieve files and information which can only be accessed by an authorized person. It also creates a backdoor for a smooth entrance of other malware.

Trojan does not replicate itself like viruses but has been proved to fatal when financial credentials are given away. They often facilitate the establishment of keyloggers to gain passwords and other credentials. Whereas rootkit once installed gives all the right to access to the hacker to execute programs, change settings, and monitor every activity of the user.

Trojan though can be prevented using Computer Security Programs but diagnosing a rootkit is nearly irretraceable and sometimes reinstalling the operating system is the only choice that one is left with.
Be cautious and aware because though the advent of the internet has made it easier to get real-time updates, it has created vulnerabilities.

Be cautious! Be safe! 

Milan Tomic

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