Dissimilarities Between Computer Worms and Viruses

When two things have a similar aim in appearance then more often people tend to confuse between their functionalities and consider the same. Simultaneously worms and virus infection is considered as same. However, the PC Security Software has different elimination approach as both the threats affect in a slightly different manner.

Worm vs Viruses:-

The major difference between the worm and viruses is their way of entering into the system. The worm does not need an active localhost in order to perform their destructive task whereas virus cannot start functioning until its host code is active and running. However, once active both the threats possess the tendency to replicate themselves throughout the system.

A worm can enter into a system through the open vulnerabilities in the operating system or if the users are tricked into an invitation to a worm. On the contrary, the viruses is a malicious code that is attached to its host and starts duplicating itself once the host program is activated. Viruses not only affect the targeted program but they can override the code of other programs, thus, bringing the system to a crash. On the other side, worms can destroy the networking and open loops of the operating system and application security.

Viruses get transferred to the systems if the host with the malicious code has been transferred, the disk is shared or an email with harmful code is sent. In the same manner, the worm is transferred through file transportation or information transformation system.

Major or minor, both the threats can equally destroy the system. However, you can protect the system using anti-virus or anti-malware software like Advance PC Protector and many other available programs in the market. Such software programs eliminate the possibility of any malicious code sneaking into the system and clean up the existing threats.

Stay updated! Stay safe!

Milan Tomic

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