Are Spyware and Adware Same.?

Spyware and Adware

Yes, both are malware but definitely not the same kind. For more than two decades, the hackers have been trying their ways to get into the system and have hands on the authorized information in the most authentic way. Like technology experts have been developing advanced technologies, the hackers have been researching to find new ways to breach the systems. Dark activities make news every day and the only to shield up is to be aware of the thefts.

Spyware vs Adware:-

Spyware is a threat specifically made to steal your private information and confidential data. It is a separate program and runs independently in the background. Once installed, it can even monitor the keyboard activity and retrieve id and password credentials, read cookies and web history.

On the other hand, adware is actually designed in software with the sole purpose of marketing. However, some have started using ads to lure customers to download malicious code and get their way out. At some point, people have experienced numerous ads being shown back to back for which they have never subscribed.

In case of spyware, the processing speed and browsing speed is hindered whereas adware can sometimes even cease the working of the system. Adware is mostly written in the codes of the software with authenticity but spyware is always downloaded without any prior information.

People can protect themselves by being cautious about what they are downloading and from where, what websites are they visiting, and logging out of the accounts after surfing.

To conclude:-

In order to be on the safer side, one must have computer security software that can restrict access to malicious websites, clear spyware cookies, and even erase the browsing history to ensure privacy and smoother browsing experience. One such software is Advance PC Protector and there are many more anti-malware software.

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