A Study About Grayware and its Types

Malware has different types and some of them fatal while some are not. One of the irritating malware is Grayware. It is defined as potentially unwanted programs that affect the performance of the system and creates trouble in the running tasks. The least they do is run an unasked set of codes to trouble the user and the maximum harm the can cause is monitor the activity of the user without permission.

Grayware is Broadly Defined in Three Categories-

1. Spyware- This malware is specifically written to spy on the activities of the user. They are attached to the downloads or sent through the vulnerabilities. Such programs run in the background without letting the user know about it and grab all the confidential information like passwords, personal information, and other data. Computer security software can detect the presence and help in the removal.

2. Adware- These are a set of programs that run the unwanted ads when triggered. Such codes are written for the purpose of marketing, brand awareness, and luring the customers into buying products. They harm the performance of the system and sometimes a click on these can lead to malicious websites thus, in turn leading to an escape way for other malware.

3. Malware- This malware is mobile adware. Generally, free applications have this malware that contributes to a series of ads showing up on screen. Along with infecting the performance of the mobile device, they can cause irregularities in the display, monitor all your activities, shoot text ads, change settings, and so on.

Many of the PC Protector Software can help in diagnosing the Grayware on computers as well as on mobile devices. But, in order to be on the safer side, one must we careful and in case of any unusual activity due to the downloading of any application then, primarily remove and run a total device scan to eliminate any other breach.

Run scan! Be safe!

Milan Tomic

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